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Double cat raised bowl makes it easy to portion the food also. 15° tilted reduces the strain of leaning bodies. Cat feeding bowls protect the pet’s cervical spine and anti-vomiting, and suitable for different cats.
Raised double cat bowls help him with eating and drinking. Two cat food dishes can be fed with two different food at one time dry food or wet food or a little water.
Cat food bowls also the perfect size, You can easily take one cat food bowl out all you do is twist and pull. The connection between the cat bowls and the base is also very strong, set up easily for use, two cat dishes tilted slightly for easier reach, easy to clean.
Orthopedic cat bowl for kittens, a small adult cat, or a toy chihuahua, small dogs, small animals like a puppy. It makes eating easier for him. It can be a exquisite packaging gift for your friend.
Elevated cat bowl are made of the quality PC & PP material.
Product Dimensions: 26.67 x 13.97 x 13.97 cm; 0.20 kg


Pink, Teal


  1. Hikabeeka

    Love it thank u

  2. Allie Tarnovean

    i love these little bowl for my kitten theyre super cute

  3. Ricky L.

    It’s perfect for my little cat. Bella loves it. Its doesn’t hold alot of feed or water so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have more than one furbaby using it. Perfect for my Bella.

  4. Szi

    Cute bowl, cats like it!

  5. Brenda S Wilson

    Like the product, Izzy my fur baby likes it too.

  6. Linda

    I gave this as a gift to a cat lover! It’s very cute and useful!!

  7. Brooke

    I love this for my cat! He’ seems to enjoy this more!

  8. Jay ! Conley

    The media could not be loaded.

     He actually ate from this bowl with no problem, my cat is a bit small atm and this bowl is perfect for him! He regularly shoves his face into his food bowl!

  9. Phoenix H.

    I have 2 cats and use them so each cat has their own bowl. (I have a fountain for water). They like it. They have no problems being right beside each other to eat. Not that they ever have with previous things that they have used. They are cute. They are not to thin or delicate but I would also not squeeze them too tight or drop them on the floor as they might break if so.

  10. Kaitlyn archangeli

    A win is a win. Only good for one cat tho!

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