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Pet grooming gloves with silicone needles imitate the brush-like tongue of cats . They are gentle and petting, wearing them touch your lovely pest like as their mother or father licks their fur. Your pets will enjoy it very much.
Pet grooming gloves with 259 silicone needles have a significant effect on removing pet floating hair. The combination of mesh and silicone materials is gentle, breathable and comfortable to wear.
The pet grooming gloves adopt TRP and mesh cloth which are environmental protection and healthy for hands and pets.
The double-sided grooming design is suitable for left and right hand wearing which is economical and convenient.
Pet grooming gloves make pets and home cleaner, healthier, warmer and more comfortable than before.
Product Dimensions: 24.13 x 17.78 x 2.03 cm; 0.10 kg


Blue, Pink


  1. Rebecca malin

    Loved it never though it would work so well

  2. Lisa Wasson

    Wasn’t sure if my cat, Kallie would like the glove or not. She has never been impressed with brushes and the like. But, she loves to be “petted” with this glove. It removes loose fur and makes her coat look very shiny. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

  3. T. Scott

    I was skeptical. I have 3 cats, 2 love to be brushed, the 3rd…not so much. I purchased this glove first because the price was was fantastic. Once the glove arrived I put it on and ALL my cats loved it. They all were purring while I brush them with this glove/my own hand. And when I took the glove off and set it down on the table all my cats were rubbing up against it. They wanted more!Other reviewers said this glove is hard to clean after a brushing, and that almost made me not purchase this item. BUT I didn’t find this to be true. I took my other hand and just rubbed up from the wrist of the glove to the fingers and I find the cat hair just lifts and curls up, quite easy to remove.My cats love this brush glove and now so do I.I recommend this item.

  4. Peg C.

    The grandkids turned me on to this for our cat and she purrs like crazy when I use it! Combs and brushes just make her try to scram. Definitely recommend!

  5. J Christian

    Removed so much hair!!! Didn’t come w/instructions so I don’t know howe your SUPPOSED to clean it, I used it outside w/my dog and wapped it against a tree a few times to remove all the hair. My dog loved it, too, said it felt good.

  6. CatLady

    Just got this (Pink Miaow) double-sided glove and love it. Left handed glove is useless to me, but I can use this on the front and back of my right hand. Rubber points are not hard so cats love it and easier on my hand to clean.

  7. Renee Scalise

    Long and short haired, it massages as it desheds. Great thingy

  8. Lucinda

    I like this hair remover glove it works great on my cat!!

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