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Soft and indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers, made of thicker food grade rubber with 0.59IN thickness, use high-strength polymer new material. Practice proved that soft but long-lasting thicker rubber is most close to indestructible while hard but rigid material is easy broken. Already tested by 140 lbs. Chewing for weeks, there is not even a mark, dent or tear on it.
Easy for pet’s chewing, this dog toy won’t slide comparing with some smoothy surface dog toys, dogs can carry it around and enjoy. And the fish scale surface makes our dogs feeling comfortable and is good for dog’s teeth. It also can put toothpaste on the holes, make our dogs a fresh breath, a great dog teething toys.
Fill, seal, give and let the dog enjoy. With the irregular hollow design holes on the dog toys, a great treat dispensing dog toys slow feeder. The food is hidden, encourage dog’s natural hunting instincts. Best dog toys to keep them busy for hours.
Chewing is nature of dogs when teething, boredom, loneliness, stress or energy relief. With our dog chew toy can develop a proper chewing behavior to protect your home, not only give you a tidy house and keep your dog healthy. Get one as Christmas dog toys , dog birthday toy, play with your dog with this interactive dog toys, both dogs and owner are happy.
Product Dimensions: 12.19 x 9.14 x 9.14 cm; 0.23 kg


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  1. Megan Hauser

    My pup LOVES this thing! I had no idea he’d be so into it! He did have trouble getting the treat bits out, but he loves playing with and chewing on it. Great product.

  2. Angela McAdams

    I have 2 German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mixes and I use these to keep them busy when I’m away from home. One of my dogs is younger and still uses a crate while I’m away. When I fill this with Easycheese and pieces of their dog food, he runs straight to his cage to wait for this toy! My other dog is almost 3 years old and has anxiety. This keeps her attention longer enough that she doesn’t freak out when I am leaving. These are durable and withstand both of their immense jaw strength. Next, I want to try using peanut butter and freezing them! These have been one of the best purchases for my dogs, EVER!

  3. Debra B.

    My pup loves to play with this dragon egg and tease his small-sized kibble bits (large kibble will not fit in the opening unless you break the “tabs” that is has to keep kibble in) out of it. I use it for mental stimulation and he seems to really like it a lot. It also helps calm his cravings between regular meal times. I DO make sure to get some of his “daily” kibble ration and put it in, as it has a decent capacity, and you would end up overfeeding if you supplemented above and beyond your regular serving of kibble.

  4. eminshall01

    Adopted a Corgi puppy (7mo) who is a chewer & need something challenging. With the name Rhaenyra had to get the Dragon Egg Chew toys. She picks it up rolls it around & it keeps her busy.

  5. S

    I have a MEGA chewer. Gave it to him and so far there are clear deep teeth marks and one of the scales broke off. I feel pretty safe giving it him and he’s not going to be able to break it open right awat but will update once we see how long it lasts…Update: Still going strong – definitely marks in it but holding up great and I can stick kibble in it for him ands hes entertained. love it

  6. TravelMom

    Wow…I was getting tired of buying the same old Kong toys for my German Shepherds. The only ones that stand up to their teeth are the extreme ones which only come in black and red and frankly both the dogs AND I are bored with those. When I saw these, I purchased skeptically but a few months later this (and the 2 others) are going strong and my dog LOVES them. Please come up with more designs! These are great

  7. sara donadei

    I have AGGRESSIVE chewers – Malinois, working German Shepherds… this is perfect – few enough holes as to not let all the goodies out quick, soft enough to give but not be chewed up, perfect size… I now have something to keep busy body drivey dogs focused on for a while!

  8. Lucy Terribile

    Super durable, yet my hard cheer Doberman can still switch it. This is the first toy in 2 years my dogs have fought over!

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