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Stuff food or treats into the toy and dogs will have fun flipping and tossing the toy to get the treats out, which keeps them entertained and active and keep them away from destructive chewing.
Hollowed-out design with two different leaking holes for dog food of different sizes. The big hole on the top for bigger dry food and treats while the small holes on the side for smaller kibbles.
Dog toy with ridges on the surface and a groove that you can apply dog toothpaste or peanut butter on it, which attract dogs’ interest and help them clean teeth while chewing.
Made of thicker food grade rubber, which is tough, non-toxic and soft for dogs’ gum. Added beef scent attracts dogs to chew and helps to satisfy dogs’ natural chewing instinct.
Product Dimensions: 12.90 x 10 x 10 cm; 0.29 kg


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  1. Andrea

    My dog loves this toy! Not sure what it is about it (maybe the smell?) but he loves to chew it o get out some treats! The toy is a bit on the smaller end but it has tons of treat hiding spots. It’s made out of a silicone-y material that is easy enough to clean with water but it does pick up dirt and hair on the floor.

  2. duztb

    Got it for a rescue who I didn’t realize would be such a chewer! Great to just put kibble in and let her chase around.

  3. Bethany C

    My dog is a very heavy chewer and can chow down even the toughest bones fast, so I like to buy durable chew toys that I can fill with food or treats and keep him occupied. This toy is solid, durable and stands up to my boys big teeth. I like to fill it with some canned wet food as he will spend lots of time making sure he’s licked up all the flavor. Would definitely recommend for a heavy chewer to keep your dog busy.

  4. Cindy Connell

    Wow I love it. Made better than I expected. My dogs love them. They can chew up most anything but these toys it seems will survive lol

  5. Maggie

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     He’s been playing with it for two hours! He loves chewing and he brakes every toy we get him. This is made with strong rubber and I truly believe it will last our adorable aggressive chewer. He got the small treats out and I also put in a couple of bigger pieces that he licks for a while and then continues chewing. A total winner!

  6. Natasha Nava

    My puppy chews on EVERYTHING, and he’s gotten in trouble chewing on dangerous things like appliance cords, my air conditioner. I got him this and he has been entertained for hours. He loves trying to figure out how to get the treats out. I’m planning on getting more for outside to give him when we leave for the day.


    This is now my dog’s favorite toy.I have an 18 month old Boxer/pit bull mix. This toy is definitely a great toy for very aggressive chewers. My Gean Luc has had it for over a week and not one piece has he chewed off. It is a very solid, hard rubber. I got yellow because dogs can see the color yellow very well. He loves chewing it. It’s shaped like a mushroom and he loves holding the bigger end and allowing me to hold the stem so we can play tug of war. This is a great buy!

  8. Phyllis Krauss

    Equal to a King and half the price. Obvious bite marks, but even our worst chewer can’t puncture it. Distracts her from going for the coffee table!

  9. aaron l smith

    I’m personally indifferent but my dog really loves this toy. I put small treats in it sometimes and he loves that even more.

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