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The cotton towels and no-rinse essence liquid are not included, You need to purchase our matching pet cotton towels separately and you could buy no-rinse essence liquid from your favorite brands. Or use wet wipes, thick high-quality paper towels, or disposable face towels instead. You could also just add water to use the brush, without using a towel and no-rinse essence liquid.
Press massage pad to speed the water out, and prevent flying hair and static. It is also easier to open hair knots when hair is wet.
Add water and no-rinse cleaning liquid to the water tank, then wrap a cotton towel on the water tank. Cleaning while removing loose hair, reduce the times of cat bath.
Soft and elastic, use a concave-convex design, so it is more comfortable to massage. It is sticky, so rotate to open the massage pad, the hair can be removed from the comb teeth easily.
Comb messy hair smoothly while shedding hair. Smooth comb teeth protect the cat’s skin, so the cat enjoys grooming.
Product Dimensions: 19.05 x 6.35 x 3.04 cm; 0.068 kg


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