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This cat dog hair brush is a nice grooming tool for fur baby owners. Regularly groom and shed your pets, remove loose hair, tangles, knots, dander, dirt, not only can keep them tidy, but also improve blood circulation, make them healthy.
With this cat brush, you will not need to worry about how to collect the pet hair and get it into trash can, just one-click, all finished.
Our cat grooming brush with 140 degree bent stainless steel bristles, which are well coated on tips, comfortable for pets, suitable for small medium large dogs and cats, rabbits, and any other fur babies.
Made of environment-friendly ABS and stainless steel, this cat shedding brush can be washed by water. Just rinse it whenever you want, very convenient for pet owners.
Every time you groom the fur babies with this cat fur brush, you will get closer to them, they enjoy the massage. Get it, happy pets happy you.
Product Dimensions: 19.55 x 9.39 x 4.57 cm; 0.083 kg


Purple, Yellow


  1. sally2683

    This lil gadget REALLY FREAKING WORKS!!! I NEVER thought my cat had this much hair!!!! This is a GAME CHANGER!!! He sleeps on my head and I swallow hair every night!! This has made MY HAIRBALLS SMALLER😂😂! Definitely worth the money!!

  2. Beth

    This brush works wonders for cats and also dogs.

  3. Rose M.

    My cat and I love this brush. He would lay there for hours as long as I brush him. I believe brushing him with this brush has cut down on the hairballs as well.I love how easy it is to clean the brush. No mess no fuss. It comes off so easily.

  4. Jennifer F.

    This is a fantastic brush! Even my dog likes it, and she’s picky about brushes. I got this one for the cats, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it works. We have another one like it, but it doesn’t work very well. This one release the hair on the first try, and it brushes the hair great! I just bought another one for our dog. Like I said, our dog doesn’t really like being brushed because she has sensitive skin, and her hair can get tangled fast. All the other brushes we have are either too soft, or seem to hurt her. This is the first one that doesn’t bother her. I’ve very glad I got it!

  5. Susan

    My cats and I love this thing. It grooms and collects the cat hair until you push the button to release it into the trash can.

  6. Claudia

    I have a long haired cat and this helps keep her for smooth.

  7. CarrilloV87

    My cat loves this! Highly recommend to use on brushing your cats.

  8. Kevin P.

    My two cats look forward to their daily brushing. Great at capturing loose fur, but doesn’t make the fur patties used in advertising. Still a great product and easy to use. 👍🏽

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