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The cat & dog brush for shedding can easily remove loose hair, shedding mats, dander and dirt of your pet, which not only keep your pet clean, but also provide you with a clean and hygienic home environment.
The cat grooming brush with round beads can do massage for your pets and prevent scratching your pet’s skin. The stainless steel needles of our dog brush are designed with a 60 degree bend to better reach the deeper layers of the skin and promote blood circulation.
Cat brush with release button, you just have to simply push the button and the hair will be super simple removed from the cat hair brush. And our dog grooming brush is washable, which can be kept in clean.
Our cat shedding brush is designed with a comfort-grip and nonslip handle, and this self cleaning cat brush also has a massage function for your hand and you won’t get tired easily when you brush your pet.
Grooming your pet can enhance mutual communication between you and your pet. Our pet brush is suitable for all breeds and coat types. With this dog and cat shedding brush, your beloved pet will enjoy the time of grooming.
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  1. Bella

    We have a mostly feral cat that lives on the side of our house, he is afraid of everyone and everything but me and he loves this. It took him some time to get used to it at first but now he loves to be brushed with this.

  2. Eugenia S. Evans

    My cats love this brush. They come running when they see the brush in my hand. They are outside cats and jump on the table asking to get brushed on the cheeks. It’s so cute. I secured the brush in a box so they can use the brush themselves. However, they peek inside the door let me know they are ready for their brushing after eating. They are two outside cats and adopted me and I spoil them as much as I can, even though I’m allergic to cats.

  3. Larabora

    Nice wire pins with blunt ends to prevent scratching of your pets skin. My cat’s fur had become compacted due to seasonal shedding. I worked on his coat a little every day to try and remove all the dead hair with little success. One 10 minute session with this brush removed all the extra hair. Super easy to clean with the push button as well.

  4. catherine weaver

    Works on my shorthaired fog and my long hair cat

  5. Craig Morris

    I got this for my cat that sheds nonstop and has tons of hairballs. I wasn’t too sure if he would even let us use this product on him, but after the first brush, he was hooked. As soon I start to brush his coat, he instantly begins purring. It’s also helped reduce the number of hairballs my cat gets.Aside from my cat liking it, it does a great job removing the loose fur from his coat. The best part of the product is the one-click cleaning button on the brush. Simply push and hold the button it with one hand, then slide the fur off with your other hand. No fur gets stuck in the bristles or anywhere on the brush.

  6. Jessemarie

    This works beautifully on my short hair cat, though it’s a bit big, making it difficult to brush more than his back and sides. But boy, does it work, and it cleans with just a touch, with no hair left in the brush. I love it, and Dudley almost enjoys it, instead of just tolerating it.

  7. Linda M Mancl

    The brush works great. So easy to clean ! You push the button and the hair slides right off. Our cat, Skeeter loves it ! Heactually comes running when he sees it. He can’t get enough. It does a great job too.

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